Cargo surveyor and Claim adjuster

With many years of experience, Riccardo Matulli provides professional services  for the maritime and oil field.

Marine Cargo Surveyor

Claim Adjuster on cargo losses and/or damages

Oil Operations Expert and Advisor

Automatic in-line sampling systems Specialist

Safety Surveyor


Cargo Surveyor

Quantity and Quality inspections on liquid cargoes transported by Tankers during Loading and/or Discharge at Marine Oil Terminals, Refineries or Depots.

Claim Adjuster

Cargo losses and damages inspections and investigations on behalf of Cargo Underwriters for liquid and dry cargoes transported in bulk at sea.

Expert and Advisor

Cargo oil operations supervision (shipping, storage, handling and transfering) with specific reference to the systems of measurement, quantity ascertainment, sampling and quality determination and loss prevention

Automatic in-line Sampling Service

Expert and Consultant on projecting, installing, commissioning, managing and maintenance of In-line Automatic Sampling Systems for Liquid Cargoes (Crude Oils, Petroleum and Petrochemical Products).

Ship’s Safety and Pollution prevention Survey

Service of Supervisor of Safety Condition and Pollution Prevention of Ship’s Tankers berthed at Oil Terminals during commercial operations (loading and discharge).

Other Services

Superintendent service
Training Courses
Drug & Alcohol Test Collection of Ship’s Crew members.