Cargo Surveyor

  • Quantity and Quality inspections on liquid cargoes transported by Tankers during Loading and/or Discharge at Marine Oil Terminals, Refineries or Depots.
  • Check of product compliance with quality specifications throughout witnessing of measurements, sampling and analysis ashore and on board during cargo transfers.
  • Expert on calibration of vertical and horizontal cylindrical Shore Tanks for liquid cargo storage and subsequent processing of Calibration Tables for official use.
  • Draft Survey and sampling operation service of dry cargoes in bulk transported by Ship’s Bulk Carriers for a variety of products as Coal, Fertilizers, Cement, Steel, Phosphates, etc.
  • Loss/gain assessment.
  • Supervise vessel tally and Weighting Surveys.
  • On-Hire/Off-Hire Bunker and Ship’s Hold Condition Surveys.
  • Ship’s Owner account Cargo Surveys.

Claim Adjuster

  • Cargo losses and damages inspections and investigations on behalf of Cargo Underwriters for liquid and dry cargoes transported in bulk at sea.

Expert and Advisor

  • Cargo oil operations supervision (shipping, storage, handling and transfering) with specific reference to the systems of measurement, quantity ascertainment, sampling and quality determination and loss prevention
  • Party-appointed Expert on Civil or Penal Proceedings
  • Court-appointed Expert on Civil Proceedings

Automatic in-line Sampling Service

  • Expert and Consultant on projecting, installing, commissioning, managing and maintenance of In-line Automatic Sampling Systems for Liquid Cargoes (Crude Oils, Petroleum and Petrochemical Products).

Ship’s Safety and Pollution prevention Survey

  • Service of Supervisor of Safety Condition and Pollution Prevention of Ship’s Tankers berthed at Oil Terminals during commercial operations (loading and discharge).

Other Services

  • Superintendent service
  • Training Courses
  • Drug & Alcohol Test Collection of Ship’s Crew members.